• Hey Stonebound,
    I would like to join your server because i saw my brother player today and it seems like a really amazing server. Your extensive amount of mods makes the diversity of what you could build incredible. I am 17 years old as of December 19, 2015 and I feel as though having a 16+ community is a great idea to deter people who may not be able to comply to simple rules such as yours. I have played on public FTB servers and quit very quickly due to the lag, griefing and depersonalization that often happened there. I used to have an amazing FTB single player map(the name of the pack slips me) and i got all quantum armor and i had built many cool machines. Overall, your server seems exceptionally well-run and balanced and i would love to be a part of this small community. I take AP Computer Science where we learn Java programming in depth, so if the admins need anything i can also help in that area. Thanks for considering.

    IGN: CoolTeen123456
    Age: 17

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    Cool! Teen!
    Who is your brother?

  • themonstaman

  • Staff

    So this is a tough one, found some cheating stuff about you from 3 years or so ago. Maybe you can explain me how you feel about that now and why do you think we should still accept you.

  • I was hoping that would be brought up phit. Like you said, that was 3 years ago and i was at that stage in life where i didn't think rules applied to me. At 14 years of age i was definitely not ready for a server such as this one who work on the principle of trust with one another. Cheating(you're probably talking about Xraying) was a very immature thing to do, and to be as honest as i could if i could go back and decide not to cheat, i would do it in a heartbeat. Being 17 years old now has changed me mentally, and i now have no problem following rules.

    If i haven't conviced you enough that i've changed morally, you could sandbox me on your server for a bit until i gained the trust of people on the server.

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    We all grow up, if it wasn't that long ago I would've just declined. Thank you for admitting to it though.
    I just went ahead and whitelisted you, don't disappoint me! ;)
    See you on the server.

  • Thank you phit. Will be on in a couple hours/days i have alot of studying to do for midterms.

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