• Hi my minecraft name is PUR3VENOM. Im 16 and from New Jersey. I found this server from ftb-infinity-servers.com and I am really interested in the new modpack every 2 months idea. I was also looking for a friendly environment to play in!

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    Hello, and thank you for your interest.
    If you would be so kind as to write a bit more information about yourself/why we should accept you, I'd appreciate it.
    Longer applications help us better determine if you'd be a good fit on our server.

  • I love video games I have been playing games since I was around 7 years old. I always have had a interest in Minecraft. I started playing Minecraft around when I was 12. I always like to help others and im always down for a group event. I have been apart of another server before but they shut down for personal reasons. I want to join because this seems like a good steady server. I also wish to be able to work with others on the server instead of being secluded alone. I participate in after school clubs like Debate and Robotics. I consider myself a decent student and a hard worker. If given a goal I will usually complete it. In my future I wish to pursue a career in the Air Force. I play almost every day unless not permitted for unseen events.

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    Thank you, I have just whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound, see you on the server soon ;)

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