• Hi :) My name is Snorri, im a 15 year old "gamer" i guess, im going to be 16 this april and hoping i can join a fun community C:



  • Staff


    Hello, and thank you for your interest.
    If you would be so kind as to write a bit more information about yourself/why we should accept you, I'd appreciate it.
    Longer applications help us better determine if you'd be a good fit on our server.

  • Hi, Sure..

    Im from Iceland but live in Norway, im really active, pretty much everyday and a pretty friendly / social guy. I love to play modded minecraft but all of my IRL friends aren't that familiar with it and would rather play other games so thats a reason i want to get into a community, to make some more friends and hopefully play with them :))

    also i dont have a bad mic and wont say no to voicechat.

  • Staff

    Welcome to the community then I just went ahead and whitelisted you, I'm sure you'll make some new friends :)
    Talk to you on Teamspeak soon!

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