• IGN: SarcasticExpert
    Age: 17
    Found this server on: FTB Forum Server List
    Welp I've got to tell you some stuff about myself so I guess I'll start off by saying I love almost all games be it new or old, a moba to survival horror. I've been playing modded Minecraft before thermal expansion was popular, or possibly even created. I want to have a job in petroleum engineering when I am older. I'm not extremely creative but I try to be when I am building. I'm always one willing to sit down and figure a problem out before taking any other measures. Anything else wanting to know? Post a reply asking me and I shall answer.

  • Staff

    Hello @SarcasticExpert,

    welcome to Stonebound! I just went ahead and whitelisted you on our servers.
    Nice to see some more people that have been playing for a long time, talk to you ingame soon :)

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