• (Most of this was posted yesterday, but no one responded. So, I have included more information that you fine people at StoneBound might want to know about me.) I have played modded minecraft for many years now. I started way back in tekkit on some old server that I have no chance of remembering. I usually focus on a fine mix between building nice bases and automation/general tech. I am not the most glamorous builder, but I try my best. I am 17 years old, and want to have a server to play on with my friend, Zedavia. We have always had more fun on servers rather than playing only with each other. Plus, the added benefit of a tight community is very appealing.

    Username: thecritterman

    Old username: EvanJ101

    Age: 17

    Region: West coast (PST)

  • Staff

    Oh, we looked at your app and even talked about it.. sorry, forgot to actually reply.
    Just whitelisted you, have fun on the server 😉

  • No problem!

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