• Username: SkyeWanderer
    Age: 27
    Location: Netherlands
    How did you hear about us: Feed The Beast - Server List. You put that enlistment there yourself for everybody to see :D

    So something about myself huh, always the hardest part ^^ good thing I love to tell a great story :P

    First of all I am very creative which doesn't go with much else to say that is also why I am a graphics designer. Next to that I am female. Yeah I know that means I am a girl and girls got cooties right xD nahhh just kidding, I don't give much thought to genderism, we are all just who we are is my motto. Besides most of my friends are guys anyways as girls tend to bitch too much about nothing ^^

    I luv kitties (ppssttt I have 3) and games ofcourse. MMORPG player by heart, owww and a beta *****, I have been in so many game alpha/beta's I cant remember all of them. I just love trying out games, giving my creative mind a spin for the creators, trying all the features over and over to encounter bugs and exploits.

    What else..... shouldn't forget to tell you that I am a huge nerd. Not just a nerd but a NERD!!! I do practically anything with compuers, I can't live without them, but than again I have to say not to the extend where computers replace people. Don't get me wrong robots are cool, but not labor replacement cool or computers in cars that don't make sounds cool, thats too much even for me.

    As for Minecraft I am the type of social player. Building my fancy house and what not, going mining if possibly together or somewhat teamed up exploring the mineshafts, sharing loot that I dont need instead of trashing it. I always have a large garden, kitchen with utilities and a toolstation for making all the things I need. So you can imagine that my favorite mods are Multiparts, Carpenters, Harvestcraft, Tinkers and not to forget Thaumcraft. Because who doesn't wanna be an evil witch ^^ muwhahahaha.

    If there is more you wanna know about me you should get your ass on a game I own and ask me, preferably minecraft :P

  • Donator

    YASS. Dutchies. :love_letter:
    I'm a dutch graphic designer as well!
    My Buddy @Neverwhere is very concerned there will be two of us on the server.
    I say it's awesome :)

    Although I'm not able to whitelist you, I am going to say I would like this player to be whitelisted :D

  • Staff


    I just had the biggest grin reading the first paragraph of your application, I'm sure you and @Graphika will get along great :joy:
    Looking forward to seeing your builds ingame and I really wanna discuss with you about the benefits of self driving cars some time.

    Anyways I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!

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