• Hello StoneBound. I like the name :).
    My name is Inkotasti and I am 23 years old. I live in Estonia and have played Minecraft for about 5 years now, with some pause time. I stepped into modding world about 3 years back. Even did small mod myself for 1.6 Minecraft. I love modded Minecraft, but I have played only singleplayer for those years and as you can guess.... it got boring. So here I am. I like to play with helping ppl and enjoy the game with others cos there is so much I and others can do in server 🙂
    Looking forward for hopefully administration approval.

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    Welcome! I'd like to say I was the one who came up with it, but sadly that's not the case.

    But yeah you've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

  • Sweet. Thank you 🙂

    Person who came up with the name, prolly had to do something with StarBound 😛

  • @TCloudGaming I got message: Could not verify name. I actually changed my name 2 hours ago. Made a typo writing Inkotasti, but I wrote Inkotast.... SO care to add it too. It also might just be that Mojang server isnt properly updated with my new name. Hopefully thats the case. But if it is not too much to ask, maybe add "Inkotast" too.

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    Your name was changed successfully, did you restart your game and launcher after you did?
    That error is on the client end not server-side.

  • @phit I did restart the client. By server side I ment the Mojang own server. Client still says in Launcher Inkotast, but on Mojang account website it is changed to Inkotasti. Must be some sync problem or I dont know. And I still can't log in. But no worries. I will check it again and update the post tomorrow. I am sure by then my name should be properly updated. Have to go to bed now 😛
    Thanks for quick response at least.

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