Infinity Light Bugs

    1. Huge lag spikes during any form of combat against enemies, making near impossible to survive the conflict.

    2. Going through the mining world portal can cause a player to suffocate in a wall even if there isn't one nearby for that to happen.

    3. Huge issues getting into the server

    4. Jumping on farmland can cause the player to stutter in place and be unable to move for a while

  • Staff

    1. yeah, that's an issue with sponge and work in progress
    2. thanks for reporting, I'll take it to the mod dev (open issue here)
    3. 1.10 modded issue, had that with every 1.10 pack so far not quite sure how to resolve that
      how much ram do have assigned to the game?
    4. odd, I'll try to reproduce that myself

    thanks for taking the time to report these!

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