• I'm Deadlock989. I'm 44 years old, from London UK. I found this site through Google and then the FTB forums.

    I'm looking for a quiet, whitelisted server where I can build crazy factories without being nagged to death by children. I like Factorio style of play with processing/production lines and lots of automation, but I also like my stuff to look great as well. I'm a pretty good builder and coder on a good day, check out some of my past stuff here:


    PS. It's FTB Infinity Lite that I'm most interested in, haven't checked out many 1.10 mods yet.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    I think you found the right server here, for doing just that and I'm looking forward to seeing what you build.
    Just added you to the whitelist, welcome to the community 😉
    I'll see you on the Infinity server soon.

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