• Hello I'am Mikey a filipino asian that comes from an island in the far east called Philippines and yes.. Thats Manny Pacquiao's Country xD

    but anyways my general information is
    **Age :**18
    Country: Australia (Currently Living In)
    Minecraft Username: PrinceMikuu (I got this name from my japanese teacher only the mikuu part tho.)
    Gender: Male
    Gamer Bio: I'am a noob in all honesty but i want to learn and improve my gaming with a good community and to gain some actual friends on the way.
    my goals are to be a professional gamer and why i'am doing this is because i want to have a good connection with minecraft and a better understanding of the game.
    Other Games Played:
    League of Legends (Silver 5) GeneralMikiie
    Counter Strike Global Offensive(I Havent really played it that much but it was my childhood game)
    Heroes Of Newerth (yes.. you are seeing a trend here MOBA GAMES FTW xD)

    At the moment my gaming kit is really bad so i apologize in advance if I'am unable to communicate with team members.

    So farr.. my experience with Minecraft is quite limited the only modpack ive played and studied is FTB Infinity..... I have a basic understanding of how RF works.... (yep, noob.)

    but i hope that ive made myself presentable. if you have any other questions you can put it down in the DM Facebook= @Mike Malvar Miranda
    or email me at

    so once again i want to say thank you for taking your time to read this application form hope to hear from you.

    yours sincerely
    Mikey Miranda

  • Staff

    Hey Mikey, thank you for your interest in our server.
    I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to our community!
    See you in the game 😛

  • thank you hope to see you in game

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