How often do dimensions reset?

  • I have been wondering how often the dimensions reset such as the end.

  • Staff

    no set times, if we feel like there has to be a reset like no draconium in the end, we'll regenerate some chunks with meteors etc.

    so basically don't worry about building in certain dimensions, nothing will be lost and when you can't find something worldgen related make a post and we'll raise the world border / regenerate chunks not used by any players

  • Could we then possibly restart the end, there is no draconium at all and I've mined through a lot of it and have found very little, and being in the early stages I only have weaker jetpacks

  • Staff

    Draconium is just that rare on the island, so regenerating the end island won't do anything.
    You wanna look for an ender comet once you have better flight

    edit: just looked around on the island saw plenty of draconium even on the surface, the veins are just tiny (1-2blocks)

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