• Minecraft Username: blazemaster900

    Hi i'm here to apply to this server which was brought to my attention by one of your players "drazuam" which i've known from another modded server. I am 16 years old and have played mc for a quite an extensive period i have very good knowledge on most mod packs tekkit and tppi etc. which has given me a good amount of experience with the mods usually in them and considering the other mod packs community had started to slowly lose members which left not many people to collaborate with i'm really excited to join a new community and have a fun time playing again with others.

    Thanks again blazemaster900

    I am usually always available on steam, skype, ts and discord

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest in our server!
    I have a few issues with your player history, but since you know one of our players I'd like to give you a chance if @drazuam can vouch for you.
    Once he replies here with his point of view I'll go ahead and whitelist you.

  • Donator

    I can vouch for blazemaster. He's a chill dude and his player history doesn't really represent him as a current player. We had a somewhat communal base on a previous server and he always respected player's builds and items. He also has pretty good knowledge of the mods and I can see him being a valuable asset in a group setting.

  • Staff

    Alright, thanks for clarifying here and on Teamspeak.
    @blazemaster900 I went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to the community!

  • @phit Thank you so much i cannot wait to hop onto the server, join a new community and play with my friend from the other server

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