• Hello there! My name is Ben, I don't mind if you use my name or my IGN, and I am from the UK. I am 15 years old, but in under 6 months I will be 16, and would greatly appreciate it if you accepted me. This server was recommended to me by my friends, fearlolzguy and CraftedCart, I have been told that the community is very friendly. Like my friends I prefer the smaller servers as it wouldn't be as laggy as a larger server. It would also mean that the server wouldn't be full as often. On the previous servers I've played on i usually keep to myself but I occasionally try to help when I can. The reason I would like to go on this server is to play with my friends.

    Thank you for reading my application and I hope to be accepted.


  • Staff

    Hey nebbne1st,
    nice to hear your friends recommended our community, I just went ahead and whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound 😉

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