Wither stuck on nether roof (Infinity)

  • I was about to fight a wither in the nether, and it somehow glitched to above the bedrock ceiling. Its currently trying (and failing) to attack me and my iron golems through it.

    Can someone who can use admin powers come and either destroy it or move it back? I'm at -100, -122 in the nether.

  • An unrelated problem, that probably also needs an admin's help:

    I decided to see what the mining world in the welcome text was, and didn't realize it was a mystcraft age before I typed /warp mining. Now I'm stuck and there's no way out.

  • Staff

    For the first problem, on it. If you are in the mining world you can use your /home command to get back to the overworld.

  • Staff

    Killed wither and put the drops in a chest next to the golems and teleported you to your bed!

  • thank you.

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