Multistructure/TC bug again

  • Hey.

    Same bug I've had a few times happend again, it seems to be happening when you build a multistructure Railcraft or TiCo.

    What happens is a bit wierd, sometimes cables move around, inventories gets destroyed and sometimes only some things are affected.

    The one I ot now hit the hardest so far, I moved my manuel TiCo smeltery and in the same chunk was my main "crafting" chest which means i lost all diamonds, lapis, electrotine etc etc. Also 1 of my manual ingot chest got wiped 😞

    What I do believe happens is that some mods items seems more affected than others, in this chunk is also chests with vanilla things, barrels with andesite etc normal stones and they where not affected.

    Below is a screenshot of things that happened, only thing not visible is a patternchest behind the wall that got wiped also. Marked in red got wiped from left to right:

    chest of misc ingots, pumkin barrel(wierd huh seeing as its vanilla?), 1 double chest with normal crafting mats like wood, stone, glass, redstone etc that is linked to the craftingtable, 1 double chest filled with gems, diamonds, electrotine, lapis, redstone, iridium etc.

    The blue marked chest is a item chest(shit from dungeons, villages like traintracks, dimlets, tnt wagons etc) that got "halfwiped", there are things in it but only half of the double chest so my guess is that items on one half somehow is affected and it wiped only that chest.

    Behind the wall there was a pattern chest that got wiped from all the casts aswell, I didn't notice this until after I moved it.


    Can you see if you can restore it? It's getting damn annoying I can tell you... 🙂

  • Correction, seems like 1 barrel of vanilla stones got affectes aswell behind the 2 red marked chests. I am 99% certain it was diorite in that barrel. Could it be some kind of range of ItemID that gets affects and not modbased?


  • Staff

    somewhat resolved, moved his base etc

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