• Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great on this fine day!

    I am currently 18 will be 19 on the 27th, I have been playing minecraft since late alpha and have been in love with minecraft ever since. I am a outgoing fun type of guy who likes to help people out and talk to others and listen to music while i play. My username is Clarkzy, Past usernames also include but are not limited too, eagle_eyes65, Steez, and EagleEyes65. I am on my computer most of the time playing a variety of games. You can find me playing full days of just minecraft but i like to switch it up so some days youll see me for hours on end and some days you will see me less.

  • Staff

    Hey Clarkzy, thank your for your interest in our server!
    Your username history is public, but thanks for being so open about it. Couldn't find anything bad about you and looks like you've been staff on quite a few servers. I think you will fit in great, I just went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound!
    I'll see you on the server ;)

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