• Dear StoneBound Staff.

    I was looking through the FTB forums and came across your server, and i'm very interested.

    I am currently 14 and i've been playing Minecraft for 4 years now. I am very fond of building in Minecraft. I love seeing what people can put together and seeing their imagination built in cubic shapes. It also is a very relaxing and calming way to associate with people while playing this game.

    Also, just for some extra information about me, I've lived in Australia all my life but my nationality is Greek. I've also been playing playing soccer for around 8 years and i've played the guitar for almost 5.

    I completely understand why you guys have the whitelist system and why you prefer mature players but i assure you that if you accept my application i won't be of any annoyance on the server.

    Thank you for spending your time to read through my application.


  • Staff

    whitelisted as said on Teamspeak, welcome 😉

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