• Hello,

    I have been playing Minecraft for what seems like a very long time (beta 1.7), and have become somewhat bored with vanilla. I have not played much over the last year and am just getting back into it. I try my best to build aesthetically appealing stuff, but my strengths really lie on the technical side; I especially love automation, and coming up with creative solutions to problems. I also really love to adventure, take down dungeons, and ultimately get myself into ridiculous situations. I am friendly and fun to play with, and I believe I would make a good addition to the community.

    Minecraft IGN: GentlemanNinja
    Age: 22
    From: USA
    How I found you: FTB forum

    I look forward to hearing back,
    -Gentleman Ninja

  • Staff

    always happy to see builders joining our community, I just whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound and have fun on our servers 😉

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