• Hello, I am Winafy and my minecraft ign is pepam. I am 21 years old and live on the East Coast.

    I have been looking for a 1.10 server for a while now but have not come across any that are good. I've previously played on stonebound servers and really enjoyed the quality you provided. The aesthetic you guys present also really appeals to me. I have been playing modded minecraft for a couple of years now and I mostly enjoy messing around with tech mods and automating everything that can be automated. Recently though, botania has caught my attention and so I started dabbling in magic-tech hybrid mods.

    I definitely plan on hopping on TS to speak to the players. There is also a friend whom I plan on inviting to apply. I really do enjoy playing as a group and hope to find some other new players to team up with.

  • Staff

    Hey Winafy,

    maybe you will like our 1.10 server, if not we are planning on running the first FTB 1.10 pack as soon as it comes out (Infinity is in alpha right now).
    So yeah give Principium a shot, if you have any feedback feel free to post on the forums or just hit me up on Teamspeak.
    I went ahead and whitelisted you, looking forward to your friends application 😉
    Welcome to Stonbound!

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