• IGN: WaffleMynx
    Location: England

    Hello! I was browsing the land of reddit and happened upon a post for this server and thought to myself "that looks like the perfect server for me!" so hear i am! Ive played minecraft / modded minecraft on and off for years, ive been looking for a nice sized 1.10 server for a little while now as im excited to explore all the new mods and find out what weird and wonderful things i can make (or fail to make). I do try to help people out as much as i can but im afraid i may ask more questions than i answer while i find my feet in 1.10. i hope you allow me to join your server and i look forward to (hopefully) meeting you all. Thanks!

  • Staff

    Hey Waffle, thank you for your interest in our community.
    Happy to hear more and more people are interested in 1.10, I went ahead and whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound 😉

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