• G'day to all
    hi my name is tim aka T1MBo, i am 32 father of 3, i come from queensland australia i am a game dev/film maker i love minecraft have played since day 1 and modded since 1.2.5 good ol RedPower man i miss that mod lol i would love to join the server to play with you guys.

    My fav new mod since playing around in single player on unstable would have to be refined storage and good ol ender io i really want to get into blood magic ive never really got into magic based mods but blood magic looks kinda fun, so if excepted any help with blood magic would be appreciated

    Regards T1MBo

  • Staff

    Hey T1mbo,
    awesome job, anything you helped making that one might know?
    Regardless I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!
    Have fun on the server 😉

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