• Minecraft Username: PlasmaSquirrlz
    Age: 16 (almost 17)
    Location: (optional) USA
    Why should we accept you: I've played a lot on servers for many years. From experience modded packs are far better. Now, why you should accept me, Although I am not the best at building and making it look the best it can be, I can say I'm not as bad as I think I am at building to a visual standard. One of my thoughts on Minecraft is if it doesn't look good, you shouldn't build it. I like to have things clean and tidy in this game, this includes chat for me as well, I do talk sometimes, mostly when I ma waiting for stuff. With being like this, you should have no worry of me spamming chat or any vulgar language. To sum all of this up is I want a more aesthetically pleasing world and will help others to my best ability as I can.
    How did you hear about us: (optional) Just looking through servers, this one had a great ping for me and had a small community. This is an ideal server for me so naturally I chose this server over the others

  • Staff

    Hey @Plasma-Squirrlz,
    welcome to Stonebound! Maybe I can learn a thing or two about building from you. Just a heads up this server isn't family friendly and there might be some swearing every now and then.
    I went ahead and whitelisted you, enjoy your stay with us.

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