• Minecraft Username: Alyxandar
    Age: 28

    I've been playing minecraft since about 1.4 modded. My favorite mods are Thaumcraft, Magical Crops and Ender IO. I really like mods that have dungeons to explore or that give an alternate method of progression than using a quarry or digi miner.

    I found out about Stonebound from ArbitraryHubris and Rhea and Spunmunkey who I have been friends with for sometime now. I have played minecraft with them for a number of years.

  • Retired

    Alyxandar is a good friend of mine. Please invite him in!

  • Retired

    Also, he's representing New Zealand. We need a token Kiwi.

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the delay!
    I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound, happy to see more of Arb's friends here 😉

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