• I am a funny easy going player, quick to help and laugh. I am creative and enjoy automation. I think I should be accepted because I'm an enjoyable person and I like to punch babies. If you're reading that and laughed, you see where I'm coming from. I'm a 28 y/o father of 3, who works fulltime at a sawmill. I enjoy playing MC and being creative. I found you guys through the FTB forums; and look forward to meeting you guys on team speak.

  • Staff

    Heya @Bluestonian ,

    welcome to Stonebound! I will go ahead and whitelist you, but you didn't include your Minecraft username.
    Just reply and I'll do the thing ;)
    Talk to you on Teamspeak soon!

    edit: just saw you tried to join with your forum nick so I whitelisted that nick

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