Suggestions: highlighting in chatt

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    Chatt related stuff:
    How about higlighting players joining with a colour that catch attention so we easily get noticed that someone join so we get the chance 2 great them if we wish 2 do so and/or notice when our friends join.

    When people chatt a lot about this and that, sometimes after a while you stop paying attention to the conversation. But then you also miss that someone joins and at the same time obviously also who that person is.
    Also - when you are afk 2 go grab some coffee or whatever - you have a better chance 2 get around 2 see it before it vanishes from the chatt.

    Could also be of great service to the players to have the 3 servers in different colours so you have a better chance to sort out the conversation you have when there are lot said in the chatt by different people at the same time. You dont have much time before it vanishes.

  • Staff

    Not a bad idea, but sadly not possible with the current cross server setup, I can't even give people tags on principium currently.

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