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    Hi !
    Been a minecrafter for at least 5 years. Played with my kids in the beginning as Im 45. We played with another family, parents as well as kids 😄
    Was totally hooked and started at the server my ex played on, a small whitelisted vanilla. Stayed for nearly 4 years and became staff. Has been admin for more then 2,5 years. Managed World Edit, World Guard, Grief Prevention aso. Helped with server builds, organisation, planing ahead, rule formulation, information and instructions to players and staff verbaly aswell as writing body text in the homepage and much more. Played modded alongside for some time but was faithful 2 and played very much on the vanilla server. But in the end Ive got so boored with vanilla I couldnt stand it any more despite the lojalty and engagement, half a year ago.

    Searching for a well-managed good stable modded server with a new and interesting modpack.
    Are familiar with both old and new stuff, amongst others IC2, EnderIO, Tinker, Mekanism, RFTools and in the last pack I started with Actually Additions, want to get further into that one and gonna dive into Botania also as my player companion has awakened my interest for it. Im more into machinery and cabeling then building houses. Like to find myself a high mountain and dig myself downwards, floor by floor filled with sections.
    Plz ask if there is anything more thats needed for the application. Best regards Tess

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    whitelisted, as said in teamspeak 😉

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