• hi! my username is Lostidemagicien ! i'm 20 years old boy and i live on quebec! one of your member talk me about you and said you have a very good server! i really love to experiment about new mod i like to build big castel and let my imagination go. i like mod like Mods/Mo' Creatures/Horse (breed horses) thinker's construct and more. i search a good server where i can play often with friendly persons!

    i'm not good in english so i'm sorry if my text was bad! it's hard for me to write a good big text XD

  • Idk if they will accept this as its a bit short id say you should make it a bit longer just in case. Add more info about yourself. What mods do you like , what are you best at, and any more info to make this longer.

  • it's good now ?

  • Staff

    Hello, and thanks for your interest in our server!
    The AcidGamesYt isn't part of the staff he just tried to help you out 😉
    Anyway your app looks good now, I just went ahead and whitelisted you. Welcome to Stonebound!
    I'll see you on the server soon, btw who's your friend?

  • Retired

    I can speak only one language so you are ahead of me. And, I understood your post just fine! Welcome!

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