Thaumcraft Runic Shielding not working

  • So after creating a ring and girdle of runic shielding, I noticed that I was taking damage even with the shield on, and that I was taking more than I would have been without the runic shield. After testing with killer dirt blocks, I noticed that the runic shield seems to cause me to take more damage, or negate any armor that's equipped at the time. I'm not sure if this is just me doing something wrong, or some error with the mod itself. The test I did with the rabid dirt block is down below.

  • Staff

    yeah, that's a bug with the forge version we use for the server
    some info here and here

    like you can see in your video, when the shielding is supposed to take damage it instead removes some health instantly, nothing we can do about it unfortunately

  • I see, that's a shame.
    Thanks for clearing it up! 😃

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