• About me...
    Age: 21
    IGN: Monkeybug34

    Hello, I am a long time minecraft player. I started playing around the time they added the nether, back in alpha. I got into modded minecraft a few months before the technic pack was developed, but was mostly playing with a few mods like more arrows and clay soldiers. when the first technic pack came out I fell in love with modded minecraft and have been playing with larger and larger modpacks since. Recently I've built my own packs with 200+ mods, but havent anybody to play them with. That is why Ive gone looking for a new modpack that has an officcial server to play on. when I found the principium modpack I was excited because it was the first 1.10 pack that I wanted to play AND it had a dedicated server. I tried connecting and found it was whitelisted, thus I am here making an application.

    TLDR: I love to play modded minecraft and want to try a 1.10 pack on a nice friendly server.

    a little about my playstyle...
    I generally binge on magic based bods, thaumcraft being my favourite mod, but usually get technological mods setup first for maximum resource efficiency. it's more like I use magic mods as my end-game entertainment. I also like to build into mountains and hills, while trying to generally keep a natural theme to the outer look of my area. I also prefer to play with people (like living together in the same minecraft house) so I will likely try to get some friends onto this server as well.

  • Staff

    Hello, and thanks for your interest in our server!
    Nice to see some people finding our pack, I just went ahead whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound, I'll see you in game.

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