• I quite enjoy modded minecraft, I like it so much it has been my primary mode of play since 1.7.0 release on vanilla. I prefer to play with tech mods and tend to stray away from magic mods, this has allowed me to become quite fluent in the ways of mekanism, Thermal dynamics/Thermal foundation, applied energistics, and ic2. I am not what you would consider a social lite and like to chat as little as possible, unless I am directly spoken to, I am also quite giving when I have excess materials from my technical endeavors.
    Allowing me to join this server would be, just amazing. In the past I have enjoyed white-list servers much more than public servers dude to the reduced lag, and low population( all things at this time this server seems to have). I dont bring much to the table in the ways of light-hearted social interaction but I am informative and love to educate and help inept or new users.
    Age: 16
    user: xxmastersnipex
    Opt: I am from Florida and I found this server through a server list while browsing for low pop servers.

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the wait!
    I just went ahead and whitelisted you. Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on the server 😉

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