Donation Methods

  • On the donation page the only given payment types are via bitcoins or credit card. I'D like to ask whether its possible to donate via paysafe cards?

    I just think that its awesome if server costs can be carried by donations and I really wanna promote that (I know its not necessary ;))

  • Helper

    @Chaboris Not sure But I believe for you to accept paysafecards you need to be verified by paysafe themselfs which is hard. Paypal however let's anyone create a donation link. If really can't get access to Paypal / Bitcoin. I'd consider 2 things. 1. Being if you even should donate. 2. If you still insist try a prepaid creditcard. The usually cary a ~5-10% fee when depositing money on them

  • Alright, if its so complicated I'll not donate. Still thanks ! 🙂

  • Staff

    It's PayPal and bitcoin, PayPal supports various payment methods outside of credit cards depending on country, including bank transfer (SEPA). Supporting PaySafeCards, Ukash etc. isn't really in our scope, because of how complicated it is to cash out that money, you need a merchant account and a bunch of other crap.

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