• Minecraft Username: spikeydoo(I might be changing it so if I do I will tell you guys)
    Age: 15
    From: England
    Found: Told from a friend
    A bit about me: My real name is Luke, I'm from the North East of England and I love just about any game with multiplayer in it for example my favourite game is rainbow six siege and that's uses a lot of common sense teamwork and lightning fast reflexes I will say I am a good gamer in general I am serious at most times I enjoy every community I have been accepted into. I find my self to be trustworthy and mature
    Why you should accept me: I have a lot of experience with all kinds of modded minecraft and had to teach my friends how to play and how to do things on that modpack and would like a solid community to play, make new friends and have fun whilst doing so I also hope to try and build community buildings to help other gamers get better at gaming and anything else

  • Staff

    Who's your friend on the server?

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