• Hey guys,

    My in game name is gogowo but you all can call me Mitch, I am 23 years old and I am looking for a mature community that is friendly. I am from Australia and so it makes it hard to find a decent server that I can play on that doesnt have a lot of lag, I have checked and i get around 200ms which is fine.
    Some may be interested in what type of minecraft player I am, I love building and experimenting with different styles, I also enjoy struggling with redstone XD. I enjoy doing activities with other members whether its building or farming etc... You will usually find me mining or working on my base or helping out other players.
    I am honest and will abide by the rules that are in place. I'm looking forward to playing with all of you and hope that I am an ideal choice for the Stonebound group.

    Thank You,

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information related to your account names between what you have told us and what we have found.

    If you can give us a reasonable explanation for what we have found, we would be happy to welcome you onto the server.

  • Hey,

    Im sorry i run by two names and since i log in using my email address i often forget which i use its either "gogowo" or "junkie193852" im pretty sure its gogowo though and thats what i put in my application

    Thanks again

  • Staff

    Do you share your account with anyone else?

  • No i dont.... when i log into my account is says my username is gogowo

  • Staff

    cleared up via private message and whitelisted!

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