Fade8 & Bleedingshadow1

  • Minecraft Username: Fade8

    Age: 19

    Location: (optional) USA

    Why should we accept you: I'm a Funny entertaining and very sociable person. I've been looking long and hard for a good community server that i can settle down in with a friend of mine. I try to be very helpful and kind and seek to benefit the server both in and out of game.

    How did you hear about us: (optional) Reddit posting

    Minecraft Username: Bleedingshadow1

    Age: 20

    Location: (optional)USA

    Why should we accept you: I'm a great builder and really like helping out in community projects i'm new to modded but always learning new things. Thanks to my friend fade8 I've been able to learn to tons. I will try to be apart of this community and help out as much as i can while duo with fade8.

    How did you hear about us: (optional) Through Fade8

  • Staff

    Hey guys,

    I hope you guys find your new home here, we love community builds and had some great events around that before! Maybe we can organize something soon. I went ahead and whitelisted both of you, welcome to Stonebound :)

    PS: would be nice if Bleedingshadow signs up in the future on the forums, since its the place where we discuss every decision around the server

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