• Hello Stonebound community, my name's Erik and I have been playing minecraft since late 2011. Ever since I discovered modded I've played a ton of it. The server I have been playing on just shut down recently due to the owners getting into a fight, it was pretty toxic on there so I took a break and now am looking for another server to play on. The big thing for me is server community and seeing that you have an established forums and community set up is very appealing to me. I also love vanilla minecraft and play on 2 servers, one of which I have played for a few months now. I hope you can whitelist me, I look forward to meeting the community!

    IGN: Cyberfall
    Age: 19

    I give out skype over private message as well.

  • Staff

    Hey Erik,
    sadly I know that community falling apart too well myself, I'm glad you found your way here. I just went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound, have fun and see you on the server!

  • Awesome, thank you phit!

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