• Minecraft Username: CraftedCart
    Age: 15

    Hello there! I'm CraftedCart and I'm a British person aged 15. I'm aware that I am under the 16 yrs old entry barrier however I would greatly appreciate it if you could accept me (I am closer to 17 than 15). This server was recommended to me by fearlolzguy and I've been told that the community is very friendly. I do prefer smaller, friendly communities and I do get along well with people. On some previous servers that I've played on, I tend to try to help those who ask for it in chat (Assuming that I know about what they need help with). CrackPack seems to be a modpack of interest to me as I enjoy automating creation and production. Magic mods are a bonus and I may consider trying my hand with them. I do try to make buildings (at least somewhat) aesthetically pleasing where possible.

    Overall, I would appreciate it if I was accepted onto the server. I would like to join up with my friends fearlolzguy and kylego8571. Thanks!

  • Staff

    Hey there,
    thank you for your interest in our server! I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound 😉
    Have fun playing and see you on the server.

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