• Hi there! My name is Kyle and I come from the US and aged 17. My friend fearlolzguy told me about this server and I was interested in joining the server due to that the crackpack modpack has all the mods I prefer and want! This is actually my first whitelist application I am making as well, mostly because I thought that whitelist servers were not all too great when there are normal servers. However, my friend fearlolzguy told me that there is a difference and thus I wanted to try a whitelist server. I love making big machines and automating them along with helping others get powerful machinery and enjoy servers that allow me to make big projects with the community and for the community. Overall, I'm very mature and can help with problems much like I'm sure this community can help me learn Witchery which is a mod I do not know much about, and other mods that I may lack info on. Thanks!

  • He is a friend, it would be great if you could whitelist him to the server.

  • Staff

    Hey Kyle,
    I hope you enjoy the whitelist server experience, it's is so much better in my opinion because stuff is more open and you don't have to worry about protection etc. I just went ahead and whitelisted you! Welcome to Stonebound, see you on the server soon 😉

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