• Quick Obligatory Bio Information:
    AGE: 26
    Minecraft Name: Necrolythe
    Modpack Speciality: Magic-based Mods
    IRL Region: Central USA
    Found Server By: Searching CrackPack Servers and found as #6 on the list.

    Recently started looking into getting into another modded server. Used to play on the Hatpack FTB Server before it died out. I've been playing Minecraft for quite some time, and greatly enjoy being part of a community. Would like to become part of the server.

  • Make Sure you add you age and where you are from. Just helping.

  • Was in process of editing when you posted that. Thanks for the tip though.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for you interest in our server.
    I just whitelisted you, welcome to the Stonebound community! I'll see you on the server soon 😉

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