• User: Darkberen

    Where from: The US

    My name is Jacob and I'm 16. I've just recently gotten back into modded minecraft, after taking a break. I am looking for a smaller server with more involved people to talk with and be a part of the community with. I do have teamspeak, and also play csgo, which I did notice was a part of the community. I have been playing minecraft, and modded minecraft more specifically for around 4 years, so I do have a bit of experience. Found you guys here http://crackpackserver.com/server/167/Stonebound.html and hope to be a part of this.

    I hope to speak and play with you guys soon,


  • Staff

    Hey Jacob,
    thank you for your interest in our server!
    I just went ahead whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound and I guess I'll see you on the server and Teamspeak soon 😉

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