• Hello there, I am Jim and while looking for a crackpack server i found this one and wanted to join it.
    Even though I am almost 15 i think i am mature enough to talk and reason with other people. I am dutch and live close to Amsterdam, but I think that my english is pretty okay.
    I don't really use teamspeak but maybe we can use discord.
    I am a pretty experienced player with about 3 to 4 years of experience.
    Things i love about modded are building and fighting, I also love to play with and help people.
    I also like to joke around and I don't really think I'm quickly butthurt.

    All in all i think I'd be a pretty good addition to the server, because I'd be kind, (try to be) funny, have respect to the staff and have fun with other people.

    Thanks in advance for looking at my application.

    I have changed my username to Jimstert but here they are both

    IGN: jimbhudy

  • Staff

    Hey Jim,
    I'll give you a chance even though you are a little young, I just went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound, I'll see you on the server ;)

  • Thank you very much for the whitelist!

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