• Hello my IGN is: DonLokko1 and my real name is Don. I am 22 years old I live in the Netherlands (GMT+1). I love to play minecraft mods I am doing it like a year now and recently I discovered that ftb updated or made a new crackpack modpack and I plan to play it. But I really like to play it with more people and that is why I like to apply for your server. I will be very helpfull in all ways I can and maybe we can all help each other.

    Also what is the average age in the server?

    Kind regards,


  • Staff

    Hey Don, and thanks for your interest in our server!
    Here are some stats from the last time we looked at the server demographics in May this year. Anway I just went ahead and whitelisted you, see you on the server soon 😉

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