• Minecraft Username: AdamDaPro

    Age: 15 (I turn 16 on 11th of March)

    Location: Sweden

    Why should we accept you: Well, honestly there isn't really any reason why you should. I won't add up to the community in any amazing way, I am just looking for a server on which I can spend a lil of my free time when taking break from studying. And if there is something little I can provide to the server it's being a good community member in form of reporting bugs / glitches I find and also overall being chatty and nice to people.
    As time goes I might have some nice buildings up too to show off. ;)

    I really hope I can get accepted into the community, I can also provide a creative mind to the server. I often come up with crazy new ideas! :)
    How did you hear about us: Well, I was playing on another server and got all of my work destroyed, they didn't ban the griefer because he was a donator and I didn't get my stuff back even though I provided an exact list of what was missing from where and proof. After this I took a small break from the game and then I started looking through lists with Whitelisted neat communitys. After googling a bit I found my way here and I like what I saw.

  • Staff

    hey adam,
    I hope you have better luck here!
    We value community over everything and have logs in case something goes wrong, so welcome to our little community :)
    I went a ahead and whitelisted you, crazy ideas are always welcome!

  • Lovely! I sure won't dissapoint you buddy! :)

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