necessary items for the server

  • from what I can see by just joining the server has no plugins or very little
    suggestion is to add plugins like:
    .clear lag (clears ground items)
    .golden shovel protection or towny (in game money for towny required) for better protection of land
    .essentials if not added already (for teleporting to friends and other things)
    .a mining world (to reduce lag in the over world and making it so you don't have to reset the world often)
    .world guard if not added already (to protect spawn and public server areas)
    .shop plots or /market (for easier trading, requires in game money)
    .a vote page(to boost server popularity) kits and or ranks
    .and a afk kick so you don't have a server full of afk players.
    that's all for now please look over these and possibly consider some Thanks

  • Staff

    In order:

    • no, if you build laggy stuff that spill items you will get warned and if it happens to often you will be banned
    • protection isn't needed or wanted, we believe in trust and if something happens we log everything with prism
    • we dont want easy teleporting theres plenty of modded items to connect with other players or just meet at spawn
    • mining world exists in form usually the deep dark or in this pack aroma's mining dim, again why add a plugin when a modded alternative exists
    • spawn isnt protected so everyone can build there, same as above for general protection applies
    • if you wanna trade use chat or use one of the various modded blocks to do so
    • votelists are pointless and attract people we aren't interested in, the server is full enough as it is, we arent working for a profit nor do we want kits or ranks
    • being afk doesnt hurt anyone, since we allow chunkloading anyway

    In general all the points you listed don't really apply to the way this server is run and our philosophy. We are a community server and wanna let people play as they want as long as it doesn't harm the server stability too much. Most of the things you listed are maybe good for public servers, just not for us 😉 For further reading look at the links im my signature, mainly the server history link.

    edit: I added a bunch of your questions to the FAQ!

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