• I'm a old minecraft player. Heck, I'm a old gamer period. I'm old, thirty + years old. I found this server from reddit, crackpack. And I live in the North Eastern part of the US.

    Why should you accept me? Well, Ive been looking for a server that has a good community and active too. I plan on bringing with me my open mind and even more open humor. I take things lightly and like to joke around and laugh at most things. You cant go around getting offended at everything on the internet. So, that is why I tend to try to make humor at most things.

    I would consider myself a builder however if I'm along it will take me a bit of time to get up to that point because I like to play with different mods, and see what they offer. So many things to play with. I enjoy the mining aspect as well. I am not one to get full OP in two days, or even two weeks.

    All in all I think I'd be a good player to have, I'd be friendly to other people, respectful, kind, generous when able, and I don't PvP. or rush to be the OP player.

    Thank you for taking time to consider my application for the server.

    IGN: zak1122

  • Staff

    Hey there,
    jokers are always good, I whitelisted you! Welcome to Stonebound and see you on the server soon ;)

  • Thank you for adding me to the whitelist! :)