• Hi, my name is Javier and I found this server on a crackpack server list in hopes of finding a server that is not too big and has a friendly community. My type of playstyle is getting everything automated as soon as I possibly can and I'm more into the technical side of the pack rather than the magic side but the magic part is pretty fun once everything is set up. I am from Singapore(somewhere in southeast asia) and that might be the downside because most of the time the servers that I join will lag for me because of that but I do hope that this one would not. Why I think you should accept me is because I feel that I would be able to communicate with the community well and contribute to the amount of fun we can have on the server. Oh yeah, I'm 17 by the end of this year and my username is javiertzr01.

    P.S. I hope you guys will accept and whitelist me. However, I will admit that I might not be on very regularly as in my country, this part of my life is really the most stressful part due to studies but I do hope that I would be able to join in and have a conversation with you guys when I do have the free time 🙂

  • Staff

    Hey Javier,
    you are the second guy from Singapore to play on this server! Though I haven't seen the last one in a while. Lag wise I can't promise you anything, guess time will show, I went ahead and whitelisted you 😉
    Welcome to Stonebound, see ya on the server.

  • Thank you, I will be on after my meal 🙂

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