• Hi there,
    My in game name is sonstar98, you can call me sonstar, or sonny, or anything that resembles that name, doesn't really bother me.
    I would like to join this community to test out the modpack while creating structures and machines. I am 17 years old and 18 at the end of the month, I used to play FTB most of the time but had to stop for A levels, now that they are over I would like to embrace the communication and social aspects that come with the game, rather than single player games lacking communication. I follow rules, I like to build, if there is anything else you would like to ask me feel free, thank you.

  • Staff

    Hey there,

    I hope you will enjoy playing on our server, I just went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound and see you on the server soon 😉

  • Hi, thank you see you soon on the server

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