• I am "AfroBoris". I seek to rejoin this community after a 1+ year hiatus from the game. I've tried other servers as of late but am dismayed at their obvious underhanded methods. Stonebound seems to have it together, and I am amazed at this new website interface. Hopefully the experience will be just as good as it was when Siigari was the owner (is he still owner?) back in 1.6.4. Thank you

  • Staff

    Hey gamefiend!

    Siigari was never the server owner, since the beginning in 2014 Parz has owned the server. Siigari was just the head admin at the time, you can find a short writeup of the Server History linked in my signature.
    I'm glad you like the new website, we have worked really hard on it! I went ahead and whitelisted you just now, see you on the server soon 😉

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