• Hello, my name is caldoon, and I'm a norwegian 18 year old.
    As my first language isn't english, my pronunciation is not the best, and I therefore prefer to not use VOIPs. I do have a decent microphone in case I need to use it though.
    It's been a couple of years since I last played minecraft/FTB, and just recently decided to try it once again, and since I generally prefer interacting with others when playing games, I went looking on Google and soon I found this server. When I last played minecraft, I was an admin on a FTB server with 20 to 30 daily users.
    As said in the title, my minecraft name is caldoon.
    If there is something I forgot to mention, or if there is anything you want to know, please tell and I will answer as best I can.

  • Staff

    Hey caldoon,
    I just whitelisted you! Welcome to Stonebound, hope to see you on the server soon 😉

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