• Hi guys,

    Very interested in playing on your server. By the looks of it, it is exactly what I've been looking for. Private, whitelisted, mature. I am 28, living in Dublin. Love the mix of tech and magic mods. I normally play with Infinity pack, but Crack Pack has a couple of extra mods that I've been dying to try out (like "Mariculture" and "Archimedes' Ships" that are not available on Infinity). I am hoping to get whitelisted, these are the best types of servers to play on. I like the lack of shops and economy too, nothing bad with old fashioned bartering if needs be. Please let me know if you'd be OK with me joining your community.

    Best regards,

  • Staff


    FTB Crackpack has neither Mariculture nor Archimedes Ships, I think you were looking at the old ATLauncher Crackpack modlist.
    Are you still interested regardless? You can see the modlist for the FTB Crackpack here, scroll down and look at the include part, mods not listed there: Galacticraft, Mekanism, Big Reactors

  • Sounds good enough even without those 2 mods. Sign me up 😀

  • Staff

    Alright, then welcome to Stonebound!
    I just whitelisted you, see you on the server soon 😉

  • Good stuff, thank you. Will log in the moment I get home. Cheers.

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