RFTools Dimensions in CrackPack

  • Staff

    Well I planned on posting about this with the server launch and then forgot about it. We are changing how we deal with user created dimensions.

    For those that are new to the community, the old system allowed unlimited dimensions for everyone.
    The problem with that were loads of dead Dimensions that people didn't clean up when not used anymore. To avoid this problem, you can now only create one dimension at a time. If you want to make another one, you have to contact staff with your old dimension number and ask them to delete it; or if you want to keep it, give a reasonable explanation as to why you need two dimensions.
    To make your first dimension, everyone gets one Owner Dimlet when they have 30 minutes of playtime on the server. I have applied that to everyone already playing retroactively.

    Note: for maximum compatibility set B:ownerDimletsNeeded=true in crackpackfolder\config\rftools\main.cfg


    Q: Are any kind of dimensions allowed e.g. draconium blocks?
    A: Yes and no, nothing is banned but they are forced void only so if you want draconium you have to go with draconium spheres.

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